46" Bulldog Pit Bull Soft Scoped Rifle Case

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  • Soft scoped rifle case
  • 1.50" soft padding, including 5/8" closed cell padding
  • #8 full-length zipper with pull
  • Water-resistant nylon outer shell
  • Brushed tricot, soft scratch-resistant inner lining
  • Wraparound carry handle
  • It floats!
  • Exterior: 48" long
  • Fits guns up to 46" long and 9" wide (including scope and mount)
  • Black

Protect your guns in any weather with this full-length rifle case that floats. Stow air rifles, firearms or airsoft guns so they won't be nicked, marred, scratched or damaged while you drive to the range or elsewhere.

Outside Length: 48" (122cm)
Outside Width:
Outside Height:
Inside Length: 46" (117cm)
Inside Width: 9" (22.9cm)
Inside Height:
Construction: Soft Rifle Case
Scoped Rifle Fit: 1
Unscoped Rifle Fit: 1
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