.177 (4.5mm) Cal. MatchGuns MGH1 - Hybrid Electron/Mechanical Trigger ISSF 10 Meter Pistol by Cesare Morini

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The MGH1 HYBRID is a single shot air pistol designed for serious ISSF competition at the highest level and incorporates both electronic and mechanical triggers. The triggers can each be independently adjusted so the performance characteristics are identical. To activate the electronic trigger the trigger switch is initiated and operation verified by an inbuilt green neon. If the battery runs dry during a competition the gun automatically reverts to mechanical operation.

The project is new and revolutionary, made by Cesare Morini is an innovative project that moves forward the limits of current technology. Direct air to the chamber achieves a 35% reduction between release of the trigger and the pellet leaving the barrel. View the movie illustrating comparative performances: http://youtu.be/sALWtGeupm8.  

The design utilizes less air per shot whilst maintaining a consistent velocity and minimizing turbulence. Both the pressure regulator and the trigger mechanism are independent from the gun to ensure they are easily maintained. 

When the loading lever is pushed forward the pellet can then be loaded vertically into the rotary chamber allowing the shooter to check he has in fact loaded the gun. When the loading lever is then rotated rearward the gun is ready to fire. These are the main improvements that have been incorporated by Cesare Morini into the MGH1 Light air pistol. There are a wide selection of grip sizes also ambidextrous.

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 Made of walnut wood, designed and carried out by Cesare Morini. Anatomical and fully adjustable in all directions to suit all needs. Sizes available from XS to XL righthanded or lefthanded. 


 Fully adjustable rear sight, sight blade (2,5 - 5,0 mm) interchangeable front sight, sighting line: 340 mm - 380 mm. 


 Trigger blade position adjustable in all directions. Adjustable trigger pull weight and easy distribution of weights: up to 450 g for dead travel and only 70 g for release force. 


 Carbon fiber rod, adjustable position of steel weights for a perfect balance. (Optional) 


Mechanical trigger: security lever in "T" position. 

Electronic trigger: security lever in "T" and switch to "EL".


 Length max: 420 mm - Height max: 200 mm - Width max: 50 mm - Barrel length: 240 mm - Weight: 950/1.050 including counterweights

PROPELLENT CHARGE  Compressed air in rechargeable cylinder - max: 200 bar. 

SHOOTING CAPACITY  200 shots - 200 bar and 168 m/sec

CALIBER 4,5 (.177)

BATTERY 12 V - A23 (about 4.000 shots or 30 hours)


 ABS case, Din adapter for recharge, spare cylinder, set of Allen keys for dismantling and calibration, battery and instruction book with group test.

Most of us will need a different style adapter than what comes with the gun. Check the links below or pick here for a link to adapters we usually have in stock

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