*PRE-OWNED* Benjamin Prowler .177

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This gun is in very good condition and shoots perfectly. A few small blemishes from normal use are superficial and in no way truly affects the appearance of this gun. Come with the original Crosman CenterPoint 4x32 scope.


The Benjamin Prowler breakbarrel air rifle gives you great features for plinking, pesting, or small game hunting without breaking your budget. Shooting at speeds up to 1250 fps with alloy pellets, it's an upgrade from the older model that includes a shrouded barrel to give you quieter shots.

Using a Nitron Piston powerplant rather than a spring piston gives you shots with less recoil, less noise, and smoother cocking and shooting than a traditional breakbarrel. You'll also notice less vibration when shooting, better performance in cold weather, the ability to leave the rifle cocked for longer periods because there's no spring fatigue, and the fact that the rifle doesn't lose power over time because it doesn't have a spring.

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