*PRE-OWNED* Evanix AR6K .22 with soft case

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This gun is in fine working order as you can tell by the report card target in the photos. Consistent and accurate, this gun comes with:

- Wolf Moderator

- Mantis 3-9x32 AO

- 1 magazine

- fill probe

- soft case

Back to the days of yester-year when everything was much simpler. Put your thumb on the hammer and bring it back to the cocked position to take your most accurate shots will minimal trigger pressure (4lb trigger pull). Need a quick follow-up, just pull the trigger again and it works as a double action revolver.

Double action requires you to overcome the hammer and trigger springs (over 10lb pull) so it is a bit harder trigger pull... helps keep from misfiring if you get a branch in it or lazy trigger fingers gets on the trigger to soon.

- Yes it has a safety too!
- Hardwood Stock with nice finish and textured checkering help you keep a firm grip.
- 3000 psi fill and velocities from 800-900 fps with 12 grain pellets.
- Non-Choked, Rifled barrel. (We DO NOT recommend using Slugs)
- This is an un-regulated air rifle for maximum power.


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