*PRE-OWNED* Evanix Monster .22

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Pre-owned and handled with kit gloves, the Monster is a unique gun. Compact in size, it's ideal for those close quarters you encounter when hunting. Plus, imagine shooting 90 shots without needing to refill! You'll be able to eliminate large flocks of pest birds and rodents...or take quick follow-up shots when needed. But, it's not just power and a large reservoir you want...accuracy matters, too. The Evanix guns are well known for having precision barrels...finely rifled and deadly accurate. It's got everything you want in a hunting gun!

Comes with a Center Point scope, level gauge and 2 magazines.


Evanix Monster:



Weight:3250 g

Overall Length:1020 mm

Barrel Length:520 mm

Mount Rail:11 mm

Shot Capacity:11

Caliber:5,5 mm

Muzzle Velocity:200 m/s

Power:16 J

Type of mechanism:PCP

Gun Stock: Wood


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