*PRE-OWNED* Kalibrgun Argus 45 W .22 cal. with Scope and DFL

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This gun was perfect the moment I took it out for testing, This gun is exceptionally accurate and extremely quiet. This gun comes with its original packaging and the original spare parts. Other accessories that come with it:

- UTG Bugbuster 3-9x32 scope

- DonnyFL Tatsu moderator

- 2 magazines

- repair kit

- fill probe


The Argus 45 we have created a compact and extremely comfortable shooting bullpup that delivers on our promise to provide the ultimate shooting experience.

Our KalibrGun Argus 45 W air rifle is equipped with a forged steel rifled custom barrel. The 450 mm (17.7“) long chocked barrel has 12 grooves and built-in multi-chamber sound moderator for quiet shooting. The Argus 45 W, as well as our other air rifles is fitted with a weaver rail for mounting an optical or collimator scope.

The .22 KalibrGun Argus 45 W has a new 13-shot rotary magazine and allows you to change the operating mode of its magazine indexing. This design provides the standard automatic indexing you expect in a multi-shot air rifle and a secondary single-shot mode which stops the magazine rotation preventing the double-loading of ammunition into the barrel.

Additionally, the KalibrGun Argus 45 W platform is the first to feature a new ambidextrous sidelever cocking system that can be changed easily to either the left or the right side of the rifle.  The Argus 45 W PCP rifle is equipped with a high-pressure 300 Bar (4351 Psi) air tank and has 250 cc of air capacity. The operating range of the Argus 45 W air rifle is from 100 to 300 Bar (4351 Psi), surpassing the 250 Bar maximum of many of its competitors.

Our finely tuned regulators keep velocities extremely consistent (± 2 m/s or ±6.6 f/s) throughout the full operating range of the gun’s air cylinder volume.

PCP rifle system Bullpup Shooting system Multi-shot Cocking system Side lever - switchable(left/right) Magazine 13 shot in cal. 22 Gun-stock Wood Cheek part Wooden (included) Barrel 450 mm (17.7“) long choked 12 grooved barrel with 450 mm (17.7“) twist Manometer Yes Fill pressure 300 Bar (4351 Psi) Air capacity 250 cc Air cylinder Fixed Charging Quick charge system Scope mount Weaver rail Trigger Adjustable trigger Safety Manual trigger safety Overall length 640 mm (25") Weight 3.6 kg (7.9 lb) (without scope)


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