Umarex T4E Glock17 Gen5 Paintball Pistol .43 Caliber (10.92mm) 8 Rounds

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The Real Action Marker  T4E  Glock 17 Gen5 Paintball Pistol is .43 caliber,  it is the latest generation of high-end training and marking system used by law enforcement as well as the military for training purposes.

It is powered by a 12g CO2 cylinder housed in the magazine, each cylinder can be loaded approximately to 3-4 times (24-32 shots)

T4E Glock 17 Gen5 Training Pistol is equipped with a pneumatic blow-back system to shoot paintball, rubber balls, powder balls as well as peppershot ball for self-defense.

These are the officially licensed Glock replicas!

- Precise dimensions, the GLOCK 17 Gen5

- Ambidextrous slide stop lever

- Reversible magazine release

- Manufactured in Germany

- Produced by UMAREX


Caliber .43cal (11.1 mm) Rubberball /Peppershot /Paintball

System: Co2

Magazine Capacity: 8 shots

Energy: 4-5joules

Length: 7 inches/180mm

Weight: 1.2lbs/532g

Function: Safe/Semi

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