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1 Typical questions and answers about airguns
1.1 How much pressure should I fill my Airgun too?

My air pressure gauge goes to 10,000 psi do that's the correct pressure to fill to.... Right?..... Wrong!

First read the manual or the directions on the side of the airgun.  Most airguns have printed fill pressures on them so you have a quick reference in the field of use.  The air pressure gauge is a reference, not the provider of directions.

Rule of thumb:

High pressure airguns are meant to be used with air pressure in the high pressure area.  Do not shoot your airgun when it's in the low pressure area.  Typically don't go any lower than 2000 psi in your air tank.

If your airgun has a regulator, any pressure in your air tank over the pressure on the regulator gauge will give you the proper shooting pressure behind your shot. The higher the pressure in your tank, the more shots you will get before needing to refill.  Do you have to refill to top pressure?.. no

over pressure.... can cause reduced velocity because the mechanics of the gun can't open the valve enough to get a full pressure shot.  many find a proper fill and operating pressure to be @ 2600 to 2800 psi when the airtank is capable of 3000 psi.

2 Are there age requirements?
2.1 How old do I need to be to purchase and use and airgun

you must be 18 or older to purchase and use an airgun on your own.

you can be younger than 18 if you are under the direct supervision of a parent or legal guardian who is 18 or older.