.22 Cal | 6 Rd | AR22 PCP Rifle with Revolver Hammer Action and Wood Stock by Evanix 26" Barrel

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.22 Cal | 6 Rd | AR22 PCP Rifle with Revolver Hammer Action and Wood Stock by Evanix 26" Barrel

The AR22 Hunting Master is the latest in the AR6 line of revolver style PCP air rifles. The Evanix AR22 model represents the pinnacle of what a high powered hunting PCP can be, delivering devastating power and accuracy downrange, thanks to its regulated action. The AR22’s revolver style action is like nothing else! It is single or double action, so you can pull the trigger for fast semi-auto action, or pull the hammer back and drop it, for precision shooting.

The AR22 Hunting Master is extremely accurate and extremely powerful. In .22 caliber, the AR22 shoots heavy 25.39 gr JSB pellets at 950 feet per second! The sub-moa accuracy allows the shooter to place shots right on target every time. The AR22 has a large 410cc carbon steel air cylinder with an operating pressure between 230-90 bar. The regulated action delivers a high number of shots at a consistent velocity. There is an easy to read manometer on the end of the tank to display the tank’s air pressure, and also a second gauge on the underside of the foregrip, to display the regulator pressure.

The precision 26 inch target barrel is unchoked, making it ideal for shooting slugs as well as heavy pellets. Other features include a 21mm Weaver scope rail on top, and a fully adjustable two stage trigger.

The regulated AR22 Hunting Master semi-automatic single/double action PCP air rifle comes in .177, .22, and .25 caliber and will include two magazines.

The AR22 Hunting Master is powerful enough to be a great hunting PCP for small game out to 100 yards. As well, the AR22’s supreme accuracy makes it just as effective as a target shooting or field target competition air rifle. The AR22 is certainly one of the top PCP air rifles in the Evanix line, if not thier flagship model.

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