.22 Caliber Notos PCP rifle by umarex

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The Umarex Notos .22 caliber PCP Carbine is the surprising compact PCP pellet pusher that is making a buzz in the red hot PCP airgunning world.

The Notos Carbine delivers impressive power from its short 11.75-inch barrel launching a 12 grain .22 caliber pellet at 780 fps. The Notos Carbine is the hot ticket item for small game hunting, plinking, or target shooting with friends who haven't caught the PCP airgunning bug!

With its 7-Shot auto-indexing rotary magazine, the quiet shooting side lever cocking Notos Carbine is easy to shoot and allows the shooter to smoothly transition to the next shot! This PCP Carbine's fixed high-pressure air tank fills to a maximum pressure of 3,625 psi and is regulated for consistent shot-to-shot performance to 1,900 psi.

Flexibility ...   add the pistol grips and fiber optic open sights shown below and use the Notos as a Pistol!

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