FX Impact STX Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit, 800mm Moderator Not Included - .30 caliber

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The FX Impact STX Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit enhances the performance of the FX Impact when using heavy slugs because it reduces the flexibility of the barrel, which enables it to better control the added vibrations and power generated from heavier projectiles. This kit helps to fully utilize the power and distance capabilities of the FX Impact platform through increased speed that results in a higher ballistic coefficient (BC).

The tensioned system is a full kit that replaces the barrel on the Impact and provides the necessary rigidity for higher performance when shooting slugs, and has a Smooth Twist X Heavy Liner. The system was developed by an international team of experts at FX Airguns, including Ernest Rowe and Hein Frommann, and produces amazing results at long distance with the FX Impact.

FX Impact STX Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit - 800mm, .30 Cal

  • Improves performance for heavy slugs
  • 1/2" UNF threaded end for moderators
  • Uses Smooth Twist X Heavy Liner
  • Compatible with FX Impact
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