Air Venturi IZH 46M Upgraded Air Pistol Trigger Assembly for AV-46M and IZH 46M Air Pistol

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Air Venturi 46M Upgraded Trigger for AV-46M and IZH 46M Air Pistol

  • Adjustable trigger-pull length
  • Adjustable trigger blade angle for right- and left-handed shooters
  • Adjustable trigger blade location
  • Includes trigger assembly and 2 hex wrenches

This fits the Air Venturi AV-46M and IZH 46M (Izzy) 10-meter single-stroke pneumatic air pistol. The gun is already a superb shooter, with accuracy that you'll never outgrow -- but it deserves this upgraded trigger unit. While the 2-stage adjustable trigger that comes standard on 46M pistols is okay, you'll find this upgraded trigger will give you even greater control. The difference will show up in smaller groups!


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