AirForce CO2 Adapter Fits Condor/Talon/Escape PCP Air Guns

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CO2 Adapter, Fits Condor, Talon & Escape PCPs

  • Fits PCP Utility Air Rifles by AirForce
  • Over 1,000 shots per CO2 tank
  • Ideal for shooting indoors
  • Easy to switch back to air
  • No handpump or scuba tank required
  • Quieter operation

How to switch from high-pressure air to CO2:

  • Unscrew your air tank from your rifle
  • Screw in the CO2 adapter into your rifle
  • Screw the filled tank into the other end of the adapter
  • Start shooting!

Compatible with:

  • Condor
  • Condor SS
  • Escape
  • Escape SS
  • Escape UL
  • Talon
  • Talon SS
  • Talon P
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