.510 Airforce Texan LSS Single Shot with Carbon Fiber Tank

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When AirForce Airguns’ customers asked for a fully moderated, full-sized Texan big-bore air rifle, the Fort Worth, Texas-based manufacturer listened. What resulted is the quietest version of one of the most powerful PCP air rifles in production.

Now AirForce takes the Texan LSS' power up a few notches with its addition of the Texan Carbon-fiber series. The CF tank's 475cc, 250 BAR (approx. 3600 psi) fill pressure and updated TX2 valve help boost the Texan LSS' maximum muzzle energy from an already whopping 600+ foot-pounds of energy to over 800 FPE (in .50 cal)! And, of course, the slightly smaller, carbon-fiber tank weighs less than its aluminum counterpart, bringing the total weight of the Texan LSS down to a feathery 6.35 lbs. (compared to the 8-lb. weight of the standard Texan LSS.)

With its 34” barrel, the Texan LSS it can hurl .45-caliber ammo as fast as 1,040 FPS, AirForce reports. And, it can do it much quieter than its older, unmoderated sibling. Before this, AirForce Airguns shooters desiring the same big-bore bite as the Texan with significantly less bark often looked to the Texan SS and its Sound-Loc System® technology. But, that option comes with lower velocities and muzzle energies that go along with an almost 10-inch shorter barrel.

“With the sport of airgun hunting growing at an exponential rate, the amount of feedback Airforce Airguns has received from hunters in the field has been nothing short of astounding,” said AirForce Airguns Director of Marketing, Cameron Brinkerhoff, in a news release announcing the original Texan LSS. “With that, we have been listening to our market and found that hunters loved the sound suppression benefits of our existing SS models but wanted to achieve the same power levels as our non-suppressed, long barrel models.”

Whether you’re new to airgun hunting or are looking to add another hunting tool to your arsenal, look to the AirForce Airguns Texan LSS carbon-fiber PCP air rifle. Its combination of accuracy, power and reduced report make it an ideal, humane solution for bringing home a wide variety of wild game.

AirForce Texan LSS w/ Carbon Fiber Tank (gun only)

  • Velocity: Up to 1100 FPS
  • Max Fill Pressure: 3626 psi/250 bar
  • Muzzle energy: up to 700 FPE (.457), up to 800 FPE (.50)
  • Adjustable power
  • 475cc carbon-fiber air tank
  • 250 Bar (3600 psi) max. fill pressure
  • Two-stage, adjustable trigger
  • Safety: automatic on cocking
  • Lothar Walther barrel
  • Low-effort, sidelever cocking
  • Fully moderated with acoustic baffle system
  • Made in the USA
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