Angel Custom Airsoft AEG Hopup Bucking "Guardian W"

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The Angel Custom Guardian bucking enhances your accuracy and range by providing larger and more specific contact surfaces between the BB and your hopup rubber. Further more, the W-Shape teeth technology defines the nub on the inside of the bucking in an innovative way to better guide the BB in a more controlled direction resulting in better accuracy and range, while still maintaining the highest durability.
Common AEG buckings are loose fitting due to the nature of the material used. Having a loose bucking means you cannot achieve a low deviation of "dead-center" positioning, which greatly affects accuracy. The Angel Custom bucking achieves a tight fit utilizing H.D.S. silicone to provide shooters optimal grouping, range and accuracy. The Angel Custom "Guardian" bucking is tested to provide superior accuracy, range and grouping over Prometheus, Systema, PDI, Fire-fly and other industry leading buckings.
The complex H.D.S. material manufacturing process also ensures that this bucking not only out-performs, but lasts longer!

FAQ: Angel Custom "W" bucking and "V" bucking? The Angel Custom V-Type bucking is dedicated to optimizing the accuracy of a 6mm Airsoft rifle achieving minimum grouping and maximum accuracy (best for the silent players that wants each shot to count). The Angel Custom "W" type bucking serves similar purpose but focuses slight heavier on durability over grouping for the trigger-happy shooters (best for players who are always in the front-line of the battlefield and CQB environments). Both the Angel "V" and "W" buckings are made with top notch material superior over a stock bucking able to take on constant fully automatic firing and the small differences described above only demonstrates the amazing amount of dedication the Angel Custom lab designers put into making the most awesome upgrade parts.

For Optimized Performance the Angel "Guardian W" bucking works best with:

  • Recommended AEG Power Spring: M110 ~ M140
  • Recommended BB Weight: 0.25g ~ 0.30g Brand or Matrix Brand compatible BBs

  • Built-in "W-Tooth Technology" for enhanced accuracy and consistent results
  • The 2-ring Rib enables superb air seal which will result improved grouping
  • Integrated dual / separate hop-up nub help center the BB and eliminate rotational deviations in unwanted directions as it travels through the hop-up rubber.
  • Integrated dual circumferential ribs on the outside to form a tight seal against hop-up unit walls.
  • Made with high grade, low / high temperature resistant H.D.S. silicone
  • 500% more wear resistant over normal AEG hopup rubber
  • H.D.S. Hopup Nub Included
  • Enhances maximum range
  • Enhances accuracy
  • Enhances performance
  • Increased BB contact area

Type: Hard, 80 (Recommended for 375~480 FPS)
Compatibility: For Matrix, JG, G&G, G&P, Echo1, KWA, Tokyo Marui and and other compatible Airsoft AEG. Also works for GBB rifles that uses or is converted to use AEG type buckings.
Package Includes: Hopup Bucking
Material: H.D.S. / Strong Tenacity High Density Silicone
Color: Angel Black

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