SKOUT Arca Rail Tripod System

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The SKOUT® Tripod: Stable and reliable.

Introducing the SKOUT® Tripod, the ideal shooting aid designed for precision and stability in every shot. Crafted to elevate your shooting experience, this airgun tripod is engineered with ARCA Rail mount compatibility, ensuring seamless integration into your shooting system. Its extendable carbon fiber legs, equipped with secure locking mechanisms, provide adaptability and support, catering to diverse shooting environments and preferences.

Experience traction and stability with the SKOUT® Tripod’s removable rubber feet, offering a steadfast grip on any terrain. Its built-in bubble-type levels guarantee precise alignment, empowering you to achieve the perfect angle effortlessly. With a 360-degree rotation capability complemented by a reliable locking knob, this tripod ensures seamless maneuverability and steadfast positioning.

Designed for versatility, the SKOUT® Tripod boasts a ball head mount featuring a sizable locking knob, enabling swift adjustments and secure fixation. Its three-position leg locking system, including the ability to lay flat at a 90-degree angle, offers true flexibility, adapting to various shooting styles and surfaces.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the SKOUT® Tripod uses anodized aluminum fittings, stainless hardware, and bronze bushings in high-wear areas. This combination ensures resilience and longevity, guaranteeing consistent performance even in demanding shooting conditions.

Tested and approved across all calibers on the EPOCH® platform, the SKOUT® Tripod stands as a testament to its reliability and performance. Elevate your shooting experience with the epitome of precision and stability—the SKOUT ®Tripod, your trusted companion for achieving unparalleled accuracy in every shot.

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