SKOUT ARCA Rail Weight System

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The SKOUT Airguns ARCA Rail Mounted Weight is a meticulously crafted solution tailored to the specific needs of bench-rest shooters worldwide. This weight system is your ultimate companion for achieving impeccable balance and fine-tuning your air rifle to match your distinct preferences.

What sets the SKOUT ARCA Rail Mounted Weight apart is its effortless compatibility with any ARCA rail, thanks to a secure thumbscrew locking mechanism. This means you can quickly and easily adjust your rifle’s balance, optimizing it for supreme accuracy and performance.

For shooters who demand exceptional precision, combining this weight with the EPOCH®’s custom ARCA rail is a winning choice. The SKOUT “H.A.W.G.” ARCA mount weight offers a substantial 4lbs of stainless steel mass that perfectly complements compatible rails, enhancing your shooting experience.

To further elevate your shooting experience, this weight system features two integrated bubble levels. These levels provide invaluable feedback and functionality, ensuring that every shot you take is as precise as it can be.

Enhance your bench-rest shooting experience with the SKOUT Airguns ARCA Rail Mounted Weight, the embodiment of simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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