HUBEN has been committed to the independent research and development, manufacturing and sales of high precision and long range air guns since 2011. After years of hard work, the revolutionary new structure of the PCP air gun has been successfully developed - the hammer-free semi-automatic excitation mechanism, and has applied for patents in different countries. The working principle of the hammer-free mechanism is as follows: After pulling the trigger to release the blockage, the air pressure pushes the piston back. Driven by the piston, the air valve opens the air passage and the particles are pushed out. Then cut off the air passage through the adjustable shut-off valve. After that, Pushing the piston back pressure disappears, and the piston returns to the original position under the action of the spring to realize automatic hook. Based on this system, HUBEN's first PCP product, K1, has been the focus of many air gun enthusiasts since its inception.

Based on K1, another semi-auto pistol model GK1 was manufactured. Same high capacity magazine, adjustable power and extreme air efficient, you will find the real fantastic fun of shooting!

With more different models of products put into development, HUBEN products will bring you an unprecedented experience to satisfy your different needs!