.177 (4.5mm) Cal. MatchGuns MGH1 - Hybrid Electron/Mechanical Trigger ISSF 10 Meter Pistol by Cesare Morini

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Ready for ISSF Competition?
​Move up to to this model.
  • Grips XS to XL - Left and Right can be adjusted in 3 planes to suit the shooters requirements.
  • Direct air to chamber technology *.
  • Trigger: adjustable blade position. Total trigger pull up to 500-520 g. up to 450g for dead travel. up to 70g for release force.
  • Dry Fire: Yes in "T" position
  • Rear sight adjustable 2.5mm-5.0mm.
  • Optional stabilizer weights.
  • Shot Count = 200 @ 200 bar fill.
  • Length = 420mm   barrel = 240mm
  • Weight = 950g
  • Battery = 12V A23 ,  (~4000 shots or ~30hr) and never miss a shot with auto switching from electronic to manual if your battery runs dry on the shooting line.
Includes: ABS case, adapter for recharge, spare cylinder, set of allen keys for dismantling and calibration, instruction book with group test.
| Tim G

Truly a work of art. Cesare Morini is mostly know from his prior company that uses his last name. This gun is the culmination of all he learned in creating the designs sold by Morini with the freedom to be innovative in his new company Match Guns. I haven't found anything to not like in this pistol and with John at New England Air Guns pricing it so low to get some more into the field this gun is a steal. The electronic trigger is incredible with the most clean and crisp break I have ever experienced. The vertical loading port is a true joy and you will not want to go back to the older style horizontal loading once you have used it. Great grip with a huge range of adjustments that stay put when you take the grip off so no need to readjust when putting the grip back on. The pricing is so aggressive for a world class competition pistol that I am trying to figure out how to sneak another one into the house as a back-up!

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