LASR-X Laser Activated Shot Reporter software for any networked device

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Are you looking to up your shooting game? Have you been wanting to practice safely at home and on the go, but just not sure how you can possibly achieve that without costly tools or ammo? Look no further than the LASR X Dynamic Dry Fire Pack! Our revolutionary kit provides an innovative solution for at-home firearms training, giving you all you need to reap the rewards associated with dry fire exercises.

This pack offers an unbeatable combination of features and training capabilities. What really sets LASR X apart from other similar products is the Dynamic Dry Fire feature - a cutting-edge technology that takes your practical firearms training up a notch. With this kit and your provided dedicated laser trainer, you'll have everything you need to get started on honing your shooting skills right away.


The days of practicing only stationary targets are over; it’s time to train like a pro with real-world situations. All of the major USPSA and IDPA competitions involve movement as you shoot against the clock, reminding us that in reality, you never stand still when danger is near. And here’s why it matters: Instructors agree that in order to protect yourself, it is essential to be prepared to move while shooting—to cover, escape, or evade danger.


Count on LASR X’s Dynamic Dry Fire system for unparalleled performance when it comes to tactical shooting training. The clock is ticking - are you ready to take your firearms practice to the next level with LASR X?

Pick Here - to to order your software and supplies direct from the Manufacturer - Pick Here

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