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The EPOCH® pellet magazine is a testament to precision and functionality in design. Crafted with attention to how it will be used, its magnetic lid retention system ensures secure closure, keeping the ammunition safeguarded within. This innovative feature not only prevents accidental spills but also allows for swift and easy access to reload. The magnetic lock seamlessly interfaces with the rifle, guaranteeing a smooth and reliable connection during shooting sessions, enhancing the overall shooting experience.

Engineered with caliber-specific capacity in mind, the magazine accommodates varying pellet sizes without compromising on performance. Its design allows for customizable tension settings, providing shooters with the ability to fine-tune the feeding mechanism for consistent and precise ammunition delivery.

Further, the EPOCH pellet magazine prioritizes user convenience and longevity. It is designed to be user-serviceable and repairable, empowering shooters to maintain and address any issues that may arise over time. This emphasis on serviceability not only extends the magazine’s lifespan but also underscores the SKOUT®’s commitment to providing a durable and reliable accessory for air rifle enthusiasts.

Whether adjusting tension or performing routine maintenance, users can easily engage with the magazine, enhancing its lifespan and ensuring consistent performance through its lifespan.

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