Evanix Viper .25 - Semi Auto Pistol - Gold trigger

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Introducing the Evanix Viper Semi-Automatic Pistol. This gun is good for 2 magazines worth of shots before having to refill. It is also extremely accurate and consistent, and perfect for critters, target practice, and small game. This gun comes with 2 x 7rd single mags.

The Viper likes heavier pellets and slugs, the factory recommends 25 grain for proper operation and highest shot count (14 shots per fill) @700 fps for 27 fpe

25.4 gr @ 612 fps for 21.13 fpe

26.6 gr @ 582 fps for 20.01 fpe

33.95 gr @ 434 fps for 14.2 fpe

It is pre-threaded 1/2" x 20 for a moderator:  Ammo used for db rating: Baracuda Green 19.91grain

  • No Moderator:          120 dB
  • Donnfl tanto Mod:     109 dB
  • Evanix Moderator:     106 dB 
  • 0dB Moderator:         100 dB

Being a shorter design, we compared them to the 0dB brand short moderators and the DonnyFl Tanto, using the Evanix Viper .25, with no rounds being shot:

- w/o Moderator:              118dB

- w/ Evanix Mod:              111dB

- w/ Donnfl tanto Mod:     109dB

- w/ 0dB Mod:                 102dB

The Gauge can be configured in 4 different ways: please refer to pictures and video below

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