Pre-Order Deposit | Evanix Viper .30- Semi Auto Pistol - Black

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Delivery time: Pre-Order for February shipment

"In-Stock" listed above is the number of product available for this shipment.  If we do sell out, there is a possibility of adding more.  If we can't add more, we will be taking backordered deposits for the next shipment. We are expecting shipments every 2 months but pre-order deliveries could get pushed out many months if the demand is high.  First shipment is expected in February 2024

Pre-Order Deposit | Evanix Viper .30- Semi Auto Pistol - Black

This is a non-refundable deposit.

We will contact you when product is in our hands for distribution,  at that time we will be looking for final payment and shipping costs if you are not picking the item up in our store.


Preliminary product expectations:

~44.75 gr. max power, ~32 FPE, and ~12-13 shots per charge at 3600 psi fill (max fill is 4300 psi)

See available accessories below,  a pistol scope could be used with one forward ring as the rear rail moves to initially cock or decock the pistol.

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