Evanix Viper .30- Semi Auto Pistol - Black

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Evanix Viper .30- Semi Auto Pistol - Black

Included in the box:   Viper .30 pistol with open sights, 2 small magazines, O-ring kit.

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Preliminary product expectations:

~44.75 gr. max power, ~32 FPE, and ~12-13 shots per charge at 3600 psi fill (max fill is 4300 psi)

See available accessories below,  a pistol scope could be used with one forward ring as the rear rail moves to initially cock or decock the pistol.

something to note on this pistol:
  • like all pcp airguns,  use them in the top 1000 psi of the max air fill for best performance.
  • This airgun is reliant on backpressure from a pellet in the barrel, if you dry-fire it,(no pellet in the magazine or barrel)   it can sound like it's shooting full auto, but it isn't shooting, it's just partially cycling many times.
  • Low power or dry fire shooting,  usually doesn't provide a full stroke of the pellet probe,   a full stroke is needed to fire additional pellets.
  • The large hammer spring screw on the back of the gun controls the semi auto feature,  too much pressure on the spring and you will need to cock the gun for each shot. adjustment should be made to keep the semi auto function working first, then you can screw it in further for a little more power if needed.
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