FX Dreamline Superlight STX Barrel Kit 300mm Moderator Not Included - 0.177 caliber - FX DREAMLINE ACCESSORIES - FX DREAMLINE ACCESSORIES

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Looking for a compact barrel kit for your FX Dreamline? Look no further!  Just as accurate, but with a smaller profile, this STX Superlight barrel and shroud will provide more maneuverability in the field. 

FX Dreamline Superlight STX Caliber-Change Kit, 320mm, .177 cal

  • .177 Caliber
  • 320mm Superlight Liner
  • Includes barrel, shroud and pellet probe
  • Additional STX barrel liners available with various twist rates and bore specifications
  • 1/2"x20 threads on the end of the shroud for moderator 
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