.30 (7.62mm) Cal. 600mm FX Impact STX Barrel Upgrade - Moderator/Shroud not Included

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  • Fully rifled barrel liner (Pellet Liner A)
  • Upgrade works on all FX Impact generations
  • Additional Smooth Twist X barrel liners will be available with different twist rates and bore specifications

Please note: This is not a caliber change kit, this does not include the parts needed to fully change calibers on your Impact.  This kit upgrades an Original Impact to the X liner system.

Now owners of older-model FX Impact  PCP air rifles can swap the Smooth Twist barrel liner their guns came with for the newer, fully rifled Smooth Twist X barrel liner to enjoy enhanced precision from their shooting. FX's patented process imparts the inner rifling of the barrel from the outside of the steel tubing and represents an outstanding upgrade in airgun accuracy.

Just unscrew the stock barrel, remove its liner and replace. It's as simple as that!

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