FX Impact STX .30 Caliber-Change Kit 700mm Barrel Moderator not Included

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FX Impact STX Caliber-Change Kit, 700mm Barrel with Fixed Shroud, .30 Cal

Includes barrel, shroud and pellet probe
Works on all FX Impact editions
Additional STX barrel liners will be available with various twist rates and bore specifications

Widely known as one of the most modular airguns to have ever existed, the FX Impact can be changed to suit the user in a wide variety of ways. One of the most appealing is the rifles ability to quickly and easily adjust to shooting .177, .22, .25 or .30 caliber. The Caliber Change Kits allow you to do just that! If you bought an Impact in .22 caliber, and now you want a .30 caliber, all you need is the Caliber Change Kit and a magazine (sold separately), and you are ready to go. No longer do you need multiple guns to accomplish your airgunning goals. One gun and a few of these kits are all you need!

Including an STX barrel liner and housing, shroud and pellet probe, the Caliber Change Kits are easy to install by the end user. They do require some alterations to your rifles settings, but this can br easily achieved thanks to the various external power adjustments that are standard on the Impact.

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