.25 (6.35mm) Cal. 600mm FX STX Superior Barrel Liner

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  • Recommended for use with diabolo pellets and .25 cal FX Hybrid Slugs
  • Compatible with FX Crown, Dreamline, and Impact models with 600mm STX barrels
  • 600mm length (23.62")

This FX Superior Smooth Twist X Barrel Liner (Superior STX Barrel Liner) was created using the same innovative exterior-pressed rifling, but using upgraded techniques and tighter tolerances for greater precision. The Superior STX will shoot both pellets and slugs with improved accuracy over the regular STX barrel liners. Shooters will see the greatest accuracy from FX's new .25 caliber Hybrid Slugs using the Superior STX barrel liner. This 600mm version gives a little more velocity than the shorter versions while keeping the length almost 4 inches shorter than the 700mm version. If you're looking for an easy way to upgrade your FX air rifle, get a Superior STX barrel liner and drop it in today.


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