JSB Test Diabolo Lead Domed & Pointed Airgun Pellets .22 Caliber (5.5mm) 13.4 | 15.9 | 18.1 | 25.4 Grains - 240 Rounds

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Do you hunt? Want precision? JSB Match Diabolo pellets have a reputation of being uniform in size and weight, which is why they have a reputation for superior accuracy in air rifles and air pistols. This .22-caliber combo pellet tin is a good way to test great pellets to find the right ones for your air guns.

  • JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo RS, 5.52mm head, 13.4 grains
  • JSB Match Diabolo Straton Jumbo, 5.50mm head, 15.9 grains
  • JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy, 5.52mm head, 18.1 grains
  • JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Monster, 5.52mm head, 25.4 grains
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