Pell-Sort Pellet Sorting Tool .177 Caliber (4.5mm) for Field Target and 10 meter competitors

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The Pell-Sort is a robust, .177 wadcutter pellet screening and sorting tool for Field Target and10-meter competition shooters.

Made of just the right thickness of stainless steel to be sturdy enough to carry in your pocket or range bag without worry of damaging your tool.

Always be ready

How it works:

  • Place the wadcutter head into the slot, slide it down until it stops.
  • Write the size on paper and place the pellet near that size on the paper.
  • Repeat as you sort and find large, medium, and small sizes.

after you sort, you can now recheck the head roundness by inserting them into the precision holes.  This check will help find dented and bent heads.

​This process can be repeated on the skirts.

Now shoot the screened/sorted pellets to find the best size combination for your rifle or pistol barrel.  Use the best sorted size for your competitions and the others for practice.

Pick Here for the Manual in .PDF format

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