Prairie Dog - Shoot to ResetTarget - for .22 firearms or equiv airgun - 130 fpe max

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Shoot-to-Reset, includes ground stake and target reducers. First, shoot the kill zone and then shoot the lower paddle to reset. Constructed of heavy-gauge 3/16 in thick steel. Includes CNC stencil set which allows easy and beautiful painting to keep as new! Rated for from 10 to over 100 ft/lbs!. Do not use with steel BBs or alloy pellets as they may cause ricochet. Shooters and spectators should always wear proper eye protection. Always be sure the area behind your target is safe. Always secure and maintain a safe backstop to protect from ricochet.

  • Long-lasting heavy-gauge abrasion resistant plate steel
  • Capable of proper function with 10 fpe to over 100 fpe with no adjustment!
  • CNC cut stencils for easy re-paint included
  • Includes 3x reducers
  • Made in USA!
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