Predator Polymag Shorts (.349"/8.8mm Length) Lead Pointed Airgun Pellets .22 Caliber (5.5mm) 15.9 Grains - 200 Rounds

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If you've limited your hunting to single-shot airguns because your repeaters couldn't take the longer Polymag pellets, then you're in luck. Predator's Polymag Shorts have the same great uniformity and performance of the regular Polymags but are just a touch shorter so they don't interfere with the proper functioning of the magazine.

Measure your magazine before purchasing.

Diameter: .22
Length: .34" (8.7mm)
Weight: 15.9 gr
Material: Lead with pointed plastic tip
| Dave

These are great pellets to fit the magazine of the .22 Benjamin Marauder Pistol (Prod). I have read good things about the expansion of these pellets and their ability to dump the projectile’s energy into an animal. I’ve shot two types of animals with these pellets - rabbits and a raccoon. The pellets passed through rabbit skulls within 30 yards. It failed to penetrate a raccoon skull at 14-15 fpe from 10 yards. In target practice these pellets shot accurately out to 45 yards from my Marauder Pistol. Not a bad hunting pellet for small game when paired with the Marauder Pistol. For the price point I think they’re worth a shot if you’ve never tried them.

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