Trident Airgun Moderator .30 1/2" UNF Universal

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Ramus Technology is proud to announce the new Trident sound moderator with sophisticated materials that self destruct under high pressure found in live fire guns. This key feature assures the Trident for Airgun Use Only. The Trident is crafted from the lightest weight aircraft grade alloy. This drastically reduces the point of impact changes that are common with other moderators. In Ramus testing with sophisticated decibel and sound wave equipment the Trident reduced the report and pitch levels more than any other tested moderator! The quality and craftsmanship of the Trident is evident from the striking design profile. The internal system is easy to remove for cleaning and inspection. The internal components are inexpensive to replace if a caliber change is desired. The built in flip compensator improves the accuracy and control by reducing the muzzle flip when firing. The new Trident is a premium product that will enhance the looks and performance of your air rifle.

Universal Moderator fits 1/2" UNF adapters.

Please Note: These units are designed and intended for use on AIRGUNS ONLY and are not suitable for firearms.


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